GM Message

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Tony Penna Liberty Utilities General Manager

At Liberty Utilities Apple Valley (Liberty Apple Valley), we understand that water is limited and that we need to be mindful of preserving this precious resource to meet the demands of today and of the future. We also understand the importance of ensuring a safe and reliable water supply for the residents and businesses in our community. For more than 60 years, we’ve served our customers with the highest level of service and unparalleled integrity.

All of us at Liberty Apple Valley are up for the challenge.  We promote conservation, innovation and partnerships in order to provide you with the highest value for your dollar.   Providing quality water to our customers is our No. 1 priority.  We value the longstanding relationship and trust we’ve fostered with you over the years and pledge to continue to deliver safe and reliable drinking water that is essential to life and prosperity in our desert community.

On behalf of the Liberty Apple Valley team, thank you.

Tony Penna

General Manager

Progress with History

Since our humble beginnings in 1945, when Newton T. Bass and Bud Westlund formed a small water company they then called the Apple Valley Mutual Water Company, Liberty Utilities Apple Valley (Liberty Apple Valley) has proudly provided “safety and service” to residents and businesses of Apple Valley. More than 60 years later, we have grown to serve more than 65,000 people within our 50-square-mile service area. With close to 20,000 service connections, over 450 miles of main, 24 wells, 16 emergency generators, 11 storage tanks, 4 booster pump stations and 15 pressure zones, Liberty Utilities continues to ensure reliable delivery of high quality water for all our customers and support the economic prosperity in our region.

Over the years, we have seen many changes in Apple Valley. Population has increased, putting more demand on the water infrastructure. Drought, global climate change, and other environmental factors have made water management more difficult. One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to you, our customers, to ensure a safe and reliable water supply with the highest customer service. Excellent service, innovation in planning, and integrity in conduct, remain our core values as we continue to progress, addressing the future needs of our community.

 What We Do

Plain and simple, we provide reliable, quality drinking water to the Apple Valley community.

Through dedication and innovation, members of the Liberty Utilities Apple Valley (Liberty Apple Valley) team uphold our commitment to help our town thrive and provide the highest level of service to our community.

Delivering drinking water is a complex task, and our dedicated team must maintain and improve the local water infrastructure to ensure reliability and safety are never compromised. We have invested more than $44 million for infrastructure projects over the last five years to meet the demands of our customers and the region.

Liberty Apple Valley is a Class A investor-owned public utility regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), subject to the CPUC’s ratemaking structure and guidelines.

Customer Service

Excellent service is an integral part of our commitment to our customers.  The goal is to provide every single customer with the highest level of service by instilling in staff the importance of service and community.  Through Customer Information System (CIS) database programming, our customer service representatives keep updated and accurate billing information to answer any questions and maintain payment records.  Every effort is made to work with our customers to accommodate requests and special payment arrangements.  As the frontline of communication with our customers, we take great pride in a team that truly cares about the people we serve.


Ensuring safe and reliable water supply for our customers is our number one goal.  Liberty Utilities’s production unit conducts rigorous sampling and testing that go above and beyond the state and federal water quality requirements to give our customers peace of mind about their water.  Our water quality continues to exceed industry standards, and our facilities are closely monitored and operated through the state-of-the-art Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to optimize operational integrity and efficiency.

Meter/Connection Service

The meter/connection service unit is responsible for monitoring and collecting all consumption data through regular reading of water meters at each of the company’s 20,000 connections.  Once the meter is read, the information is downloaded into a database program, and any unusual readings are flagged to ensure accurate read and billing.

In addition to reading meters, this unit is responsible for retrofits of all existing manual-read meters with state-of-the-art Automatic Meter Readers (AMRs) to enhance accuracy and efficiency of collecting consumption data.


Liberty Utilities engineering unit reviews all proposed plans for development and provides oversight in assessing the feasibility of the plan as well as carrying out the actual construction.  In addition to new development, this unit performs hydraulic modeling and analysis as well as oversees capital improvement projects including but not limited to mains, tanks and wells.

Over the years, through various partnerships and innovative financing efforts, Liberty Utilities has been able to construct the needed infrastructure to support local development and limit the financial impact to our existing ratepayers.

Job Costs & Fixed Assets

The job costs and fixed assets unit oversee all contracts for all capital projects to track expenses and progress.  By providing the other units with comprehensive tracking and overview of the Liberty Utilities’s water system, they are the clearinghouse of information and central point of focus for future capital improvement planning.

In line with Liberty Utilities’s goal to integrate innovation and technology to enhance reliability and service, GIS mapping of the system is coordinated through this unit.  Through the GIS technology, information about our operations and assets are maintained with optimal accuracy to aid us in making informed decisions.

Human Resources

Our people are truly our greatest resources.  The human resources unit successfully maintains and recruits top notch employees to provide the best service.  Staff training and development are key to ensuring a successful organization with the talent and dedication needed to meet the growing demands during challenging times.  Streamlined operation usually means doing more with less, and at Liberty Utilities, we remain committed to providing our people with the support and the tools to better serve our customers.


Sound fiscal management is paramount in operating a business whose product is water, a precious and limited resource that is essential to life.  Through effective planning and emphasis on cost-saving measures, our goal is to provide the highest service at a reasonable price through responsible rate setting.  As an investor-owned public utility, Liberty Utilities is regulated by the CPUC and therefore must comply with standards and guidelines set forth by the CPUC.


To encourage water conservation in the region, Liberty Utilities partnered with Mojave Water Agency, offering our customers financial incentive programs.  Currently, we offer “Cash for Grass,” a turf removal program that provides financial incentives to homeowners and commercial sites to remove grass and landscape using native plants and other non-water use designs.