Building strong and lasting partnerships continues to be our goal in ensuring a cooperative regional approach to sustain our community.  We work closely with our customers, surrounding agencies, other utilities and stakeholders to pull our resources together to meet today’s growing challenges.  We firmly believe that the future success in our industry hinges on our ability to come together to strive for innovation and achieve integration.

Current partnerships (for more information, please contact us)

  • Southern California Edison: Water/energy state pilot program to identify and quantify the embedded energy savings in water conservation measures.
  • United States Bureau of Reclamation: Water Energy Efficiency Program (WEEP) to develop a model of achieving integrated efficiency in commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.
  • University of California, Davis: Statewide energy and water efficiency initiative.
  • California Public Utilities Commission: Statewide strategy for achieving the Governor’s mandate to reduce per capita water use by 20 percent by year 2020.
  • Town of Apple Valley: Water supply assessment and planning for residential, commercial and industrial development.
  • Mojave Water Agency: Region-wide incentive-based residential and commercial programs for water conservation.
  • Alliance for Water Awareness and Conservation: Partnership to promote water awareness and conservation in the high-desert community.
  • Apple Valley Fire Protection District: Fireflow requirements for all new development and respectable Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating for homeowner insurances.