About Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company

Progress with History

Since our humble beginnings in 1945 when Newton T. Bass and Bud Westlund formed a small water company they then called the Apple Valley Mutual Water Company, the Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company has proudly provided “safety and service” to residents and businesses of Apple Valley.  Now more than sixty years later, we have grown to serve more than 65,000 people within our 50 square mile service area.  With close to 20,000 service connections, over 450 miles of main, 24 wells, 16 emergency generators, 11 storage tanks, 4 booster pump stations and 15 pressure zones, AVRWC continues to ensure reliable delivery of high quality water for all our customers and support the economic prosperity in our region. 

Over the years, we have seen many changes in Apple Valley.  Population has increased, putting more demand on water infrastructure.  Drought, global climate change, and other environmental factors have made water management more difficult.  And the State’s response to all these challenges has resulted in a complex maze of systems and supply for getting water to local communities.  But one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to you, our customers, to ensure a safe and reliable water supply with the highest customer service. Our history of excellence in service, innovation in planning, and integrity in conduct remain our core values as we continue to progress, addressing the future needs of our community.