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Winterizing Pipes in The High Desert:

Programs Offered

The High Desert Saves Water conservation program includes water conservation incentives for the public to reduce water use in homes and businesses. . If you’re interested in receiving conservation tips and literature, please contact Norma Armenta (Water Conservation Representative) at 760-240-8329, or email at 


 AVRWC Toilet Program

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Weather Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) Rebate Program

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 Cash For Grass

 Lawnmower Scrapping Program

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Cash For Grass Program

 Mojave Water Agency, in partnership with your local water agency and the California Department of Water Resources, is offering property owners a rebate cash incentive to remove living and maintained lawn and replace it with water-efficient landscaping through the Cash for Grass Program.  To learn more about the program, or to access the Cash for Grass Application click here.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Water Conservation Representative, Norma Armenta at (760) 240-8329 or email:

Town of Apple Valley Ordinance

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Cash for Grass Program Plant Coverage List 

Plant Coverage List



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BEFORE YOU EXPERIENCE A WATER EMERGENCY- know where individual shut off valves for most plumbing fixtures are and the location of the water meter.

Main Water supply to your entire home:
·         At the water meter
·         A valve handle or gate wheel close to the water faucet that is on the front side outside your house and directly across from water meter
 Water supply line to:
·         Kitchen and bathroom faucets:
·         Underneath the sink in the cabinet there are shut off valves for hot and cold water supply line to the faucet
·         Shut off valve is behind it
 Clothes Washer:
·         Shut off valve is behind it
 Dishwasher/Ice maker
·         Line is connected to the cold water shut off valve underneath the kitchen sink
 Bathtub or shower:
·         Must shut off main supply to home
 Remember, if you experience a water emergency; try to isolate the problem fixture first. If the leak is in the water supply line before the shut off valve or the shut off valve itself, then you would need to shut off the main water supply to your home.