Establish New Water Service


Liberty Utilities requires 24- hour notice to start water service
In order to establish service with Liberty Utilities we ask that you complete an application for service (Will open as a .pdf). Please fill in all areas of the application that apply. The required service date is the date you want the water service to start in your name. If the applicant is renting the property you may be asked to provide a rental agreement. Escrow papers may be requested from new owners.

If the water service is off at the property, reconnection will occur the next business day.

The completed application can be emailed to or faxed to 760-247-1654, mailed or brought into the office. Please call our Customer Service Department @ 760-247-6484 to verify that your application has been received and if applicable to schedule a time and date for your service to be turned on.

Deposit or Letter of Credit
A deposit or letter of credit is required to establish water service.  The deposit or letter of credit is due the day services are established.

Deposits are based on the billing history of the property. Please call our customer service department to determine the amount. If, however, the customer has had prior water service with another water utility, a letter of credit stating that one year of on time payments were made, the deposit will be waived. If the applicant has previously established good credit standing with Liberty Utilities, no deposit will be required.