Twenty-Four Hour Emergency Services

If you are reporting an Emergency or a Water Leak, for prompt service please call 760-247-6484 (7 days a week).

Our operations control center is open 24 hours a day to provide prompt response to service disruptions or emergencies. Please call us immediately at 760-247-6484 to report the following emergencies:

  • lack of water (other than for non-payment)
  • low water pressure
  • discoloration
  • an unusual taste or odor
  • a leak affecting your home or neighborhood


When the water company comes to your door, make sure they are who they say they are!  Liberty Utilities service personnel will:

  • NEVER invite themselves inside your home.
  • Always announce themselves when entering your yard.
  • Attempt to contact you by phone if we need prolonged access to your property.


You should…

  • Always ask for identification.
  • Always call Liberty Utilities if someone from the “water department” invites themselves onto your property.