Twenty-Four Hour Emergency Services

If you are reporting an Emergency or a Water Leak, for prompt service please call 760-247-6484 (7 days a week).

Our operations control center is open 24 hours a day to provide prompt response to service disruptions or emergencies. Please call us immediately at 760-247-6484 to report the following emergencies:

  • lack of water (other than for non-payment)
  • low water pressure
  • discoloration
  • an unusual taste or odor
  • a leak affecting your home or neighborhood


When the water company comes to your door, make sure they are who they say they are!

  • Liberty Utilities service personnel will:
    • NEVER invite themselves inside your home.
    • Always announce themselves when entering your yard.
    • Attempt to contact you by phone if we need prolonged access to your property.
  • You should:
    • Always ask for identification.
    • Always call Liberty Utilities if someone from the “water department” invites themselves onto your property.

Disaster Preparedness

Earthquakes, storms, power outages, failure of pumps or water lines can cause unannounced interruption of water service.

Liberty Utilities utilizes an Emergency Response and Recovery Plan that provides an organized response to an event and a plan to maintain quality service to our customers. This plan is exercised regularly. In addition, we will utilize its Crisis Communication Plan to inform affected individuals of the impacts from those events and will coordinate with outside agencies to ensure that it has adequate resources for an emergency situation.


  • What can I do to prepare?
    • Maintain emergency drinking water supplies.
    • Install/maintain a water service shut off valve.
    • Maintain emergency contact phone numbers.
    • Contact local emergency services for further recommendation.
  • What about water during a major event?
    • Reduce water usage to a minimum during any emergency event. All outside water usage should be stopped.
    • Fill available containers and both tubs with water.
    • If water service is interrupted, contact us or listen to local emergency information radio stations for information. Phone lines may be overloaded or down.
    • If you must leave your property, and have a shut off valve, you may want to turn it off to reduce the likelihood of damage from broken water lines.
  • What if I run out of water during an event?
    • The Red Cross suggests a temporary emergency source can come from your water heater.
    • If water is expected to be out for an extended length of time throughout the area, local emergency services along with Liberty Utilities may set up water distribution locations.

For additional information on disaster preparedness check these websites: