Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a public and privately owned water utility?

  • A PublicWater Utility is owned by the rate payers that it serves. It is governed by an elected Board of Directors. The water infrastructure is paid for by the developer and then dedicated to the public water utility. The public water utility is exempt from paying taxes.
  • The private water company is owned by an individual or a corporation. The private water utility is regulated by the CPUC. The CPUC reviews and sets all of the private water companies planned expenses and infrastructure improvements. The private water company pays for all water infrastructures, including reimbursement of developer furnished infrastructure. The private water utlity pays taxes, which benefits the community.


Why can’t I pay by Credit Card or ATM in the office?

  • Liberty Utilities utilizes a third party vendor to process all credit cards and check by phone payments. This vendor charges a $2.95 processing fee for all transactions. Without this vendor Liberty Utilities would be responsible for paying charges to the bank for the processing of these transactions. These bank fees would then be included in our rates and charged to all Liberty Utilities customers whether they use this service or not.